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The items, kits or jewelry sold on this site are not intended for children's jewelry.
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Art at the Matador

May 12-13 - Art at the Matador - The Esplanade & Ninth Ave, Chico, CA. Showing jewelry. Show organized by the Chico Art Alliance. Friday Gala Opening 4pm-9pm. Saturday 11am-7pm.
> www.ChiVAA.org

I will be sharing an exhibit room with my husband, Nicolai Larsen. He will be showing some of his latest paintings. I will be showing jewelry just in time for Mother Day. Our motel room turned into an exhibit space will be called Zona Romantica. Imagine red roses, a bucket of champagne to make peach bellinis, and a painting of a beach at sunset with a palm tree...



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April 16 - C-Lon Micro - New Colors - New Spool Sizes

C-Lon has just introduced 8 new colors and new 100 yd spool sizes. The original 320 yd spoosl will be slowly phased out and replaced with the new spool size. The new colors just added are: Vanilla, Latte, Argentum, and Charcoal were added in April. Gunmetal, Copper Rose, Turquoise, and Antique Brown just came in this week. Another 8 colors are planned for this year. > C-Lon Micro Cord

More on New Spool and Original Spool Sizes > Post

8 New Colors of C-Lon Micro Cord
Ribbon of kumihimo
February 8 - Vintage or Discontinued Nylon #18 Just Added

I have been cleaning my closets and organizing my back stock. All these items are limited to stock on hand - so order accordingly!

Original Mastex on the tall black spool including rare colors such as Jade and Bluebird. Sorry, sold out as of Feb 13th. I have a few spools left of old Mastex on the shorter spools > Mastex

Original Conso with high bond content making this cord very abrasive resistant. These spools are not from Conso final production which had no bond and put them out of the bonded nylon business! > Original Conso Nylon #18

Odds and Ends - Stringth #5 (similar to Tuff Bead Cord) available on 2 colors, Pink/Samon in 20 yd spools in a dye lot a bit darler than the Tuff Bead Cord, plus large 100 yd Black spools with lower bond than Tuff Bead Cord > Stringth


February 1 - New Colors of D&E Nylon #18
D&E Nylon #18 is back in stock. Old Gold and Rose are new colors, or colors that have not been produced for a very long time...

D&E is one of the original uphostery hand stitching thread. D&E bonded nylon is made by one of the former producer of Mastex. It came about after mastex closed down, upon the insistence of some desiner and myself, D&E was created to fill in the gap.. > D&E Nylon #18

Ribbon of kumihimo Ribbon of kumihimo

January 30 - 3 New Colors - Kumihimo Bracelet Kits with Lily Petal Bead Edges
Miyuki Duracoat Metallic Beads Central Rib, with 100% Nylon Ribbon, C-Lon Bead Cord, & Peyote Sleeves

Kumihimo Bracelet KitKumihimo Bracelet KitKumihimo Bracelet KitKumihimo Bracelet Kit

These kits are similar to the Copper River kits listed below, but instead of braiding with Rayon Boucle, I got a chance to play around with the 100% Nylon Ribbon. This ribbon braids beautifully, and it has a gorgeous sheen. There are other differences, but the pattern is similar, beads on the edges and top rib, with no beads right against the wrist, making this bracelet incredibly comfortable. > Kumihimo Bracelet Kits with Lily Petal Bead Edge


January 20 - 'Copper River' New Bead Edges & Bead Ridge Kumihimo Bracelet Kits
with Czech Lily Petals, Toho Hybrid Apollos, Rayon Bouclé, C-Lon Bead Cord, & Peyote Sleeves

Kumihimo Bracelet KitKumihimo Bracelet KitKumihimo Bracelet KitKumihimo Bracelet Kit

This kit combines fabulous hand dyed rayon bouclé yarn that shift slowly from denim blue to rust, C-Lon Bead Cord, gorgeous metallic and luminous finish on the Lily Petal Czech bead edges, and brilliant copper toned Hybrid Apollo Toho beads on the top ridge. The yarn and Toho beads are no longer available, so this kit is available in limited quantities.
Get this kit while you can! > Copper River Bracelet Kit


January 16 - New Buttons
Buttons, perfect for leather wrap and crochet bracelets > Buttons

Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo
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