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The items, kits or jewelry sold on this site are not intended for children's jewelry.
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July 6-7-8-9 - Convergence Reno 2018 - Handweavers Guild of America, Peppermill Resort. Reno, Nevada. Showing jewelry, DIY kits & supplies in Marketplace. > Convergence

Feb 22-23-24 - Stitches West 2019 - Santa Clara Convention Center, Great America Parkway. Santa Clara, CA. Showing jewelry, DIY kits & supplies. > Stitches West Market

For info on local Chico shows or to visit during Open Studios > Go to Artist Website

Out of Office


July 16 - August 3 - We will be closed and out of office. Orders placed on Sunday July 15th will ship on Monday July 16th. Orders placed afterwards will be held and shipping will resume on August 4th. We will be checking emails every 3-4 days during this period.

It has been a long time since we took some time off. Stock up now and take advantage of the Free Shipping. Thanks for understanding and have a great summer! - Marion


May 25 - New Metallic Braided Nylon Cord + Free DIY Turkish Flat Bead Crochet Bracelet Tutorial

Metallic Braided Nylon CordMetallic Braided Nylon CordMetallic Braided Nylon CordMetallic Braided Nylon Cord

Crochet with this cord available in Metallic Copper, Gold and Silver... These bracelets are made with Miyuki Seed Beads Size 6 and Metal Shank Buttons. The cord, bead and button kits have enough materials to make 2 bracelets.
> Metallic Braided Nylon Cord or go to blog post > Crochet Bracelet Tutorial


May 17 - New Metallic Braided Nylon Cord + Free DIY Celtic Knotted Bracelet Tutorial

Metallic Braided Nylon CordMetallic Braided Nylon CordMetallic Braided Nylon CordMetallic Braided Nylon Cord
Just in. 0.9mm Metallic Braided Nylon Cord, available in Metallic Silver, Metallic Copper, and Metallic Gold. This cord is strong, and it can be knotted, braided, added to kumihimo as a metallic accent, its ends can be melted. It can be washed, it dries quickly... and it can be knotted into these New Celtic Bracelets.
> Metallic Braided Nylon Cord or go to blog post > Celtic Bracelet Tutorial
May 1 - New Kits and Tutorials - Kumihimo Bracelet & Tassel with Gemstone Chip Beads
Kumihimo Bracelet & Tassel with Gemstone Chip Beads Kumihimo Bracelet & Tassel with Gemstone Chip Beads Kumihimo Bracelet & Tassel with Gemstone Chip Beads Kumihimo Bracelet & Tassel with Gemstone Chip Beads

This brand new kit and tutorial for bracelet with a button and loop, and a tassel made with leftover beads is offered in two gemstone chip bead selections: Larimar and Amethyst. Larimar is a gemstone found only in the Dominican Republic that has a sky blue turquoise color reminiscent of a day on the beach. Amethyst was added in honor of Ultra Violet the Pantone Color of the Year. Find out more about these kits here. > Larimar & Amethyst Bracelet and Tassel Kit and Tutorial

Kumihimo on the Beach

This new kit was inspired by strands of Larimar I bought at the very last BABE, the Bay Area Bead Extravaganza last November. It improve on the a button and loop design with a solution I have not seen elsewhere. I made some of the samples on the beach in Mexico in February on a short getaway. My temporary studio had this great view. Back in my Chico studio, I realized the tassel could easily be turned into beautiful neckpiece with the addition a 3-ply cord and it led to a full update of the Cord Making Tutorial and Tool Set. See all about these here below. - Marion

Cord Making Tool Kit
Cord Making Tool Kit
Cord Making Tool Kit
Cord Making Tool Kit
Cord Making Tool Kit
Cord Making Tool Kit
Cord Making Tool Kit
Cord Making Tool Kit

May 1 - Cord Making Tutorial + 3 Projects+ 3 Projects

2-ply, 3-ply and 3-ply cord making just got a major updates. The tutorial now includes 3 projects and some brand new techniques well worth learning about. The tutorial can be bought by itself or with the tool set.
> Cord Making Tutorial & Tool Set + 3 Projects

At some point I discovered that I would never be able to buy ready made cords that would match what I was doing in micro macrame and other techniques with bonded nylon and silk, so I decided that to learn how to make my own cords. I then went on to learn how to make 3-ply cords and hand braided cords. I am still learning techniques along the way and just had a real breakthrough with these cable bracelets shown here. And I feel I have just scratched the surface as to possibilities! - Marion


Ribbon for KumihimoRibbon for KumihimoRibbon for KumihimoRibbon for KumihimoRibbon for Kumihimo

April 14 - New Colors and More Variegated 100% Nylon Ribbon

All the colors have been added, and while we did that we found some extra cards that had never been added in due to their limited quantities available. Wow, now 46 solid and variegated colors are available.

> 100% Nylon Ribbon

Euro Zamack Magnetic End ClaspsEuro Zamack Magnetic End ClaspsEuro Zamack Magnetic End ClaspsEuro Zamack Magnetic End Clasps

April 7 - Just Added - New Finding Collections : Dots, Crystals, Stainless and Antique Silver Tubes

Finding the right clasp for kumihimo projects is often difficult. Planning ahead is the best way to go as the clasp needs to be part of the design process right from the beginning, not an afterthought, so check out our new clasps and get instructions on the best way to attach the clasps to braid and cords HERE.

I just ordered a bunch of clasps and had to return many. Some had technical problems such as components that did not match... Others were simply ugly. The ones I kept are keepers! - Marion

The Dot Collection from the EU has 5mm round inside diameter clasps, plus 5mm sliders in three metal finishes, antique silver, antique copper and antique brass, plus one 8mm clasp in antique silver.

The Crystal Collection is from Thailand. All these clasp are EU compliant which means the are nickel-free in addition to lead-free. Unfortunately right after I received the new crystal ones, they got discontinued... so get some while they are still available. > Dots and Crystals

Magnetic End Clasps for KumihimoMagnetic End Clasps for KumihimoMagnetic End Clasps for KumihimoBarrel Magnetic End Clasps for Kumihimo

Click on these images to see how these clasps open...

Check out new stainless steel, antique silver, and zinc tube clasps. The zinc ones are plated with 99% silver... Plus the 12mm barrel now come in two addition The 12mm inside diameter barrel clasp now comes in two additional finishes, antique brass and antique copper. > More Magnetic End Clasps


Ribbon for KumihimoRibbon for KumihimoRibbon for Kumihimo

April 7 - New Colors and More Variegated 100% Nylon Ribbon

We just received a large box full of 100% Nylon Ribbon. A few skeins already have been photographed and transferred to cards. Check out the new colors and keep visiting as we add more colors in. I will let you know when this batch has been fully added. I also have a new kumihimo neckpiece project in the works with this nylon. We will keep you posted on all fronts.

> 100% Nylon Ribbon

100% Nylon Ribbon
Ribbon for kumihimo

March 21 - Just Added - 9 Kumihimo Kits Limited Quantities Available

We just found 2 skeins hidden away in a drawer. This hand dyed rayon ribbon with metallic accent is no longer available. We made these kits with a double skein length, so you will be able to make a super long braided necklace with this kit. One of my customer send me a picture of a double braided neckpiece she made with this kit. It is gorgeous. Making a necklace and bracelet os also a possibility.

> Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon Kit with Metallic Accents and 4mm Magatamas

Ribbon for Kumihimo
March 13 - Just Added - More Buttons
I keep collecting more buttons... A NEW tag is marked by their names.
Buttons, flowers, heraldic medallions, filigree, gold & glitter, butterflies, hearts...
perfect for leather wrap, kumihimo, and crochet bracelets > Buttons
Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo Ribbon for Kumihimo
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We now have an official store mascot!

Cleo got renamed Kumihimo Cleo Cavandoli. She is still Cleo for short. She sits at my desk in the online store when I am working and keep me company. She is a 10 lb. foxy doxy, a triple rescue we adopted January 2013, and she is now the official store mascot. - Marion

Occasionally she sheds a few hair even though she is small and does not have lots of hair. So please forgive her if you find a few in your packaging. Packing tape on boxes wrapped on the floor are most affected even though we vacuum often.

Kumihimo Cleo Cavandoli
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