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The items, kits or jewelry sold on this site are not intended for children's jewelry.
C-Lon Sample Cards - 104 Color Samples of C-Lon Bead Cord + 4 Cord Size Samples
C-Lon Sample Color CardsC-Lon Sample Color Cards
Full Set of Sample Cards - $57.00
as shown above

116 cards have actual samples of each of the C-Lon Bead Cord colors. Plus 4 cards sizes sample cards for comparison. They are organized alphabetically by codes and bound in 4 sets. Each group is attached by a plastic tie. Each card has about a yard worth of cord.

The C-Lon Bead Cord is wound onto a cardstock card approximately 2 1/4 inches by 2 1/2 inches (5.7 cm x 6.3 cm).

Color sample cards of all the 116 C-Lon Bead Cord colors + the 4 neon Colors are now available. They represent a tremendous amount of work by C-Lon and minimal mark-up all around. Well, they are a labor of love.

Individual Cards
C-Lon Sample Color Cards
Any 8 Sample Cards of your choice - $4.50
Enter 8 color choices
Any 1 Sample Cards of your choice - $0.70
Enter 1 color choice

The C-Lon Bead Cord is wound onto a plastic cards approximately 1 1/2 inches by 1 5/8 inches (3.7 cm x 4 cm). We are now making the individual cards in house. It save time keeping track of them and reordering them when sold...


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