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The items, kits or jewelry sold on this site are not intended for children's jewelry.
Chinese Knotting Cord - Many Sizes
Chinese Knotting Cord Spools
Chinese Knotting Cord - Skeins
Chinese Knotting Cord - Many Sizes
10 yd Bobbins

Chinese Knotting Cord is available in many sizes from 0.4mm to 2mm in diameter and are available in a very wide color range. The cords are made out of nylon and braided with a center core with no twist. These braids are smooth, soft and flexible, and the center core keeps them rounded and increase their firmness and stretch resistance. These cords are available in spools, skeins, 5, 10, and 50 yards lengths. The shorter lengths are wound on EZ-Bobs. The larger ones are usually wound on spools or available in skeins.

Chinese Knotting Cord is great for Chinese and Japanese ornamental knotting as it hold knots well. It can also be used for cording for pendants and amulets, for necklaces and earrings. It is a good choice for floating sliding square knot closures for necklaces and bracelets, for stringing antique beads with large holes, for braiding, kumihimo and square knot bracelets. It can be intermixed with other cords such as C-Lon Cords or used for micro macrame by itself. The larger size make a very nice simple cording for medallions and pendants. Many of the sizes are great for Bollywood macrame bracelets and micro macrame.
These are the traditional cords used for Shambhala bracelets. > See Shambhala Bracelet Kits
The Micro sizes are great choice for tassels especially the Size E. > See Tassel Tutorial

Thread Burners - Recommended over lighters for melting the cord ends. All the Chinese Knotting Cord are made of braided nylon with a nylon center core, so they are completely fusible and the ends can be melted. Thread burners are precise and lessen the chance of damaging the work. Regardless be careful not to get burned, work in a well ventilated area and keep thread burners away from children. > Thread Burners and Cord Zappers

Many Sizes & Many Colors
Diameters are measured by holding the cord pulled taut above a ruler but keep in mind that if the cord is flattened against the ruler it will be wider. Expect dye lot and diameter size variation within each categories. Everyone measure cords differently. To make sure you are ordering the right size > Order samples
Larger Sizes - 1mm to 2mm

Fine Sizes - 0.7mm to 0.8mm
Micro Sizes - 0.4mm to 0.6mm

Larger Sizes - 1mm to 2mm
Shambhala Bracelet Kits
Chinese Knotting Cord - Skeins
Shambhala Bracelet Kits
Chinese Knotting Cord
Dense cording - Knots almost as wide as the Medium Weight
Standard Cord for Shambhala Bracelets
Compares to Medium Weight Available in many colors
Shambhala Bracelet Kits
Shambhala Bracelet Kit
Chinese Knotting Cord - Many Sizes
This design can be made with any size beads
Just coordinate the cord size to the beads
High Density Quality Braid
good for cording, bracelets
Perfect for necklace cording
or heavy duty bracelets
Fine Sizes - 0.9mm to 0.7mm
Chinese Knotting Cord Spools
Chinese Knotting Cord - Skeins
Chinese Knotting Cord Spools
Metallic Braided Nylon Cord
Good for micro macrame and Bollywood Bracelets
Often used as the center cord for Shambhala bracelets
Compares to Fine, available in spools + more colors
Good for knotting, braiding and crochet.
Micro Sizes - 0.4mm to 0.6mm
Chinese Knotting Cord - Many Sizes
Chinese Knotting Cord, Extra Fine - 0.7mm to 2mm in diameter
Shambhala Bracelet Kits
Chinese Knotting Cord - Skeins
Perfect for tassels, fine crochet and braids - New E just added!
Good for micro macrame, Bollywood bracelets & braids
Good for micro macrame, Bollywood bracelets & braids
Good for micro macrame, Bollywood bracelets & braids
Tibetan Buddhist 5 Color Braided Cord - 0.5mm to 2.5mm
Tibetan Buddhist 5 Color Braided Cord
Tibetan Buddhist 5 Color Braided Cord
Tibetan Buddhist 5 Color Braided Cord

Personal Note - Many years ago a customer asked me to re-knot a Chinese belt with carved jade pieces and beads into a neckpiece. 256 Chinese button knots later done with extra fine Chinese knotting cord, I had this knot memorized and could do it in my sleep... I have been collecting this cord ever since. Keep in mind that restocking exact colors is not always available, dye lots, cord quality and cord diameter changes- so plan and order accordingly.

Not sure about the size you need? > See close-up pictures of all the sizes and order samples!


2mm, HDQ + NewFine Medium, Fine & Extra Fine + 1mm Micro Sizes: Size E, F, G, H + New E Metallics: Braided Cord

About colors - While every attempt was made to reproduce thread colors accurately, colors on your monitor may not precisely match actual thread colors. Dye lots from manufacturer may vary!

About shopping cart - Quantities are automatically set at 1 when you add items to the shopping cart. To change quantities, just change the number in the shopping cart window to quantity desired and update the cart.


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