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JewelsinFiber on Etsy

The items, kits or jewelry sold on this site are not intended for children's jewelry.

Macrame boards and bead mats are necessities in my studio. I use different macrame boards depending on what I am doing. Whenever possible, I work with a board attached to an artist easel. It is more conformable than working against a table or flat on a table. For many years, I have used a Lacis board with a bead mat attached on top for comfort. It's holding amazingly well. I have not had to replace it. In workshops, some of my students have a clear preference of one brand over the other, and some use the two boards combined with the Lacis one pinned to the traditional board for extra weight. Another great option is a Mini-Board attached to the cardboard center of fabric bolts. That's one of my favorite option when I do not have access to an easel.

When comparing Macrame boards, the Beadsmith Macrame Boards and the Mini Macrame Boards hold the T-pins very tightly. To save fingers from the extra strain, use a pair of pliers to pull them out. For Cavandoli knotting, when inserting T-pins in and out constantly, the Lacis board might be best, but for anything where you want an extra hold, such as square knotting, Shambhala bracelets, leather wrap bracelets, the extra hold of the Beadsmith boards are a plus. They are also many alternatives to macrame boards, such as stiff pillows, beads trays, clip boards, several layers of foam core glued together...

Macrame Tool Sets
All the tools for square knot and multi stand floating beads bracelets... or any micro macrame projects
Micro Macrame Tool Set
Mini Macrame Board Set Option #1
  • 1 Beadsmith Mini Macrame Board
  • 1 Bead Mat
  • 4 Tapestry Needles, Size 18, 20, 22, & 24
  • Assorted T-Pins
Mini Macrame Board Set Option #2

Everything listed above...
+ 1 Large Fine Tip Reamer

+ Organic Flower Beeswax Cake

Mini Macrame Board Set Option #3

Everything listed above...
+ Thread Magic

Mini Macrame Board Set Option #4

Everything listed above...
+ SuperMax Thread Burner

Mini Macrame Board Set Option #5

Everything listed above...
+ Beading Tweezers
+ Titanium Coated Serrated Scissors


Lacis Macrame Board

Lacis Macrame Board

A white 12" x 16" x 1/2" oval polyurethane closed cell board with grip slots along one edge for holding the free thread ends in tension or out of the way.
Shipping note - Shipping weight is about 1lbs/375gr. Shipped Internationally by USPS First Class Mail in a padded envelope.

Personal note - I would add a fabric cover with an open end for access to the slots as I don't like the feel of the polyurethane. This board is light and does not shed like the particle board listed above. Best used flat or attached to something else.


Lacis Macrame Board

Lacis Macrame Board Plus

Same as above, but comes with a soft bead mat and complimentary T-Pins. T-pins hold the bead mat place and use them to secure work in place. This board can be used for macrame as well as leather wrap bracelet as shown in this picture. The extra materials shown with the board are not included.

Personal note - Great to work on leather wrap bracelet. I set it up for a demo of the leather wrap bracelet and found it to work so well, I now use it in my studio, flat on my table. The slots at the bottom of the board hold the leather in place. Empty bead tubes elevate the leather off the board for easy access to add the beads.


Beadsmith Macrame Board

Beadsmith Macrame Board

Designed with notches on all sides to hold cords. Lightweight, self healing foam so pins can be used without damaging the surface. 11.5 inches by 15.5 inches with a 10 inches by 14 inches grid for measuring. Mouse over or click for other views...

Personal note - It's a good board. It can be leaned against a table or placed flat on a table depending on what you making. The side slots are good the anchor cords. The only draw back is the smell of the board once you remove the plastic. I left mine outside to air out for a few days and the smell dissipated.


Beadsmith Macrame Board

Beadsmith Mini Macrame Board

Same as above but smaller. 7.5 inches by 10.5 inches with a 6 inches by 9 inches grid for measuring.

Personal note - Perfect size for doing leather wrap bracelet, very portable. To hold the mini boards against a table the best option is to pin it to the cardboard center of fabric bolt. Ask for one at a fabric store or quilting supplier.

Inmpinted Bead Mat Bead Mat

9 inches by 12 inches. Standard Beige Color. Fit well over the mini macrame board.


Personal Note - I have bead mats everywhere I work... plus I cover my macrame boards for a nice surface to work on with a bead mat.

Inmpinted Bead Mat Bead Mat - Extra Large

11 inches by 14 inches. Choose from the colors available: from left to right - Green (sold out), Light Green, Pistachio, Pink, Navy, Blue, Aqua (sold out)


Personal Note - It's nice to have color choices. I like working on light background for some project or darker ones such as Navy for other ones.


Inmpinted Bead Mat

Imprinted Portable Bead Mat

Imprinted with inches and centimeters. 9 1/2 inches by 12 1/4 inches (24 cm x 31 cm). Can be rolled with project inside and secured with 1 or elastic bands, 1 on each side is more secure. Comes in package of 3 or singly.

Personal note - I often include this bead mat with my student kits when teaching. It beats paper plates to keep our beads from rolling around plus it has a ruler easy to reach.


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