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JewelsinFiber on Etsy

The items, kits or jewelry sold on this site are not intended for children's jewelry.

Scissors, Pliers, Tweezers
Small sharp scissors are mandatory tools when working with cord and thread.
A pair of chain nose pliers and beading tweezers are also tools of the trade.

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Embroidery Scissors 3.75" Rainbow Titanium Serrated Edge Scissors

Sharp pointed rainbow titanium coated straight edge scissor with one serrated edge. The serrated edge helps holding the thread or cord in place. With large handles. Made in Pakistan.

Personal note - I really like these scissors for cutting C-Lon Bead Cord Tex 400 and Chinese Knotting Cord.

Embroidery Scissors 3.75" Rainbow Titanium Vintage Scissors

A vintage classic design, with a rainbow titanium coating. Beautiful design. Made in Pakistan.

Personal note - Classic design with a modern finish.

Embroidery Scissors
3.5" Golden Stork Scissors

Antique stork design, with golden handles. A great value and nice design. Made in Pakistan.

Personal note - Great design making these scissors recognizable for a specific task.

Embroidery Scissors 4" Rainbow Titanium Stork Scissors

The classic stork design, with a rinbow titanium coating. Beautiful design. Made in Pakistan.

Personal note - I really like these scissors. They are sturdy and work well on thicker cords.

Needle-Nose Pliers 5" Chain Nose Pliers

Stainless Steel. Good for all around use. Made in Pakistan.

5" Round Nose Pliers
Same as above with round nose.
Personal note - Good for pulling needles, setting links. I like these better than higher priced ones...
micro beading tweezers
Micro Beading Tweezers #5

Stainless Steel # 5 tweezers - 4 inch 5/8 long (11.8 cm). Comfortable width and nice point perfect for knotting between beads.

Personal note - These are pretty good for a fraction of the price of a pair of Dumont tweezers from Switzerland.


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