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The items, kits or jewelry sold on this site are not intended for children's jewelry.

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Sydneyjo Etsy Store  

December 11, 2011 - find: I shop here often
message: Have to tell you how much I LOVE all the detailed description of all your threads, its helped me so much choose which one to get. The colors are very true also....you know what your buying as the colors are perfectly matched in the pictures compared to how they really look. You will also anwser emails so quickly just for a simple question.. I appreciate it! Thanks, SyneyJo/Etsy Store

Here are some pieces made with C-Lon Micro Cord.

Sydneyjo Etsy StoreSydneyjo Etsy Store

Knitted Bracelet  

January 27, 2011 - Hi Marion, I made the knitted bracelet I ordered from you and it turned out nicely. The C-Lon (standard size) made a wider bracelet than the C-Lon Fine Weight Tex 135 Cord which I used to make a second bracelet. The fine weight bracelet is about 1" wide while the regular C-Lon is 1.25" wide. I like both looks! Thanks so much!!! I hope you post some photos of the bracelets with other stones or beads. The kit direction was clear. I loved the color I bought (Gold pearls with Gold C-Lon Bead Cord purchased on 01/21/11). - Kathy/MA

Thanks for letting us know that the pattern works with the C-Lon Fine Weight Cord and also the width difference. I tested a knitted sample with the Fine Weight Cord and it worked well with the Kollage Square Needles US Size 0/ 2.00mm, but I have not had the time to knit a full bracelet yet! - Marion

January 21, 2011 - I loved your blog about these bracelets! They are wonderful. I just ordered a kit in gold. I wanted to ask you how many pearls (approx.) it takes to make these bracelets and if the C-Lon is the regular weight we use for Kumihimo bracelets or the fine or micro (I don't think its the micro). When you refer to C-Lon which weight specifically do you mean or do you specify fine and/or micro when you mean those? Thanks, - Kathy

The pattern uses 78 to 93 beads depending on the finished length of the bracelet. The pearls included in the kits are potato shaped about 5-7mm in diameter. About 100 are included with the kit. When I refer to C-Lon Bead Cord and yes when there is not Fine Weight (Tex 135), Micro or Tex 400 added to the name, it is the standard size that comes in 104 colors. - Marion


In my last newsletter I requested images to possible addition to a visual presentation of contemporary fiber jewelry made with cord & thread... Any technique is welcome, the cord/thread does not have to be from my store... My next presentation will be in early April to the Valley Stitchers Guild in Pleasant Hills, CA, so there is still time. Here are some of the new pictures I just received with links to the artists website:

January 25, 2011 - Love your thread! Love your site where I can pore over specs of ply and twist! My Etsy shop would not be possible without your shop. Will be placing another order soon---loving that chinese knotting cord! Details like thickness of cord are so important to me---the way it drapes, the spacing of the beads---and there are few people who understand! Fractions of a millimeter matter! Your site with all its detailed information is a godsend. - True June http://truejune.etsy.com

Crochet with C-Lon Micro Cord by True June

Crochet with C-Lon Micro Cord by True June
Joan Babcock Neckpiece  
'Fiber Bead Necklace' Knotted Nylon and Waxed Linen, Copper wire, wood, glass seed beads.
Piece by Joan Babcock
The pendant is a rare antique amulet showing a shrine to the sacred footprints of Lord Vishnu, and the embossed round silver 'applique' pieces on the crown knotting are old Turkmen wedding cape ornaments. The button is a vintage metal button. Cocoa C-Lon was used for this neckpiece.
Created in 2010 by Tamara Hill
Neckpiece-Tamara Hill   Neckpiece-Tamara Hill
Broom done with C-Lon Bead Cord Tex 400

December 13, 2010 - I think the tex 400 took the brooms from crafty to classy. The strength is incredible, and the colors are stunning, very rich with the perfect sheen.
Kathy @ www.vermontcountryiron.com

Broom done with C-Lon Bead Cord Tex 400
Rebecca Kumihimo Piece

December 8, 2010 - Thanks for the time you spent with me and the samples. I appreciated it. You mentioned different sizes of tuff bead cord, size 1,2,& 3?
It's all new to me. - Rebecca/Fl

Rebbeca send a picture of a piece she just did with kumihimo and beads.... Great start for a beginner!

August 31, 2010 - Just ordered some C-Lon, can't wait to work with it. My thought today was in the sets you have, you don't have one that is just basic primary colors, or maybe a suggestion for one. I'd love to see a set of primary jewel tones - a nice ruby red, an panthers purple, emerald green, lapis blue, citrine yellows and oranges.

As you state, some colors may not quite look like what monitors may pretend they are. So having a good basic set would be very helpful, especially for beginners. Thanks for your consideration, and lot's of my appreciation for the level of the Art you have attained with this medium. - D.W./OR > See C-Lon Color Sets

August 3, 2010 - I feel so blessed to have found your site. Without question, it is the most informative site on the web. You don't just "sell" things related to the weaving and fibre arts, you "teach" like no online seller I have ever seen. I am very new to kumihimo and micro macrame, and your site has taught me more in the half-hour I visited than several online groups I've belonged to for over a month. And your customer service is excellent. My order came promptly, was safely and attractively packaged, and you had even included a small sample of some new cord on the market. I am so grateful I found you. Thank you for being there for us! Cheryl/MO

August 2, 2010 - I purchased the jig kit and have been very pleased that I can at last create a bead crochet bracelet! I love the little clip you included in the jig kit. Thank you. - Priscilla/NM

July 16, 2010 - Just to let you know my parcel arrived yesterday - that was superfast delivery so thank you for getting it to me so quickly. I'm delighted with everything in it and will have time playing with my new threads today. I had a play with the starter jig last night and wanted to give feedback that the tutorial notes are exceptionally good. The number of photos provided is excellent and they are clear and large. That doesn't always happen with instructions so I'm very impressed with them. Thanks again, - Glen from Australia

Crochet Jig Starter Kit
Madeira Silk Floss   April 26, 2010 - Hello, My order of Madeira silk floss arrived in the mail on the 23rd; thank you very much for your speedy service! I will be using it on a silk baby gown my sister commissioned for her granddaddies who are still sparkles in their parents' eyes. Can't wait to work on it!

I also perused your website and am impressed with your work. Fabulous! One of my daughters is just getting into Kumihimo and has done a little beading. She will love your site and perhaps get inspired to keep learning.

Thank you again for your prompt service! - Carla/NE

Jan 31, 2010 - Dear Marion, ...you have a special personal touch we seldom see in the days of computerized life. I felt, when ordering from you, that there was a person at the other end of the computer who was going to make sure I had just what I ordered. I got some Nylon #18. I wanted to show you what I have done with your fiber. You can also see my work with your fiber at www.jacksonartwear.etsy.com . - JacksonArtWear/CA-MO

  Jackson Art Wear

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