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The items, kits or jewelry sold on this site are not intended for children's jewelry.

Customers comments , pictures of works done with supplies from this online store and links are posted courtesy of marion jewels in fiber.Comments are chosen at random and arranged by reverse date.
Disclaimer: marion jewels in fiber does not endorse, sponsor or charge for the linked sites listed below nor takes any responsibility for any of the content nor any transactions you may enter in if you follow the links listed below.

September 14, 2007 - No one does such a good job of presenting this wonderful silk and the colors available! (Kanagawa 1000 Denier Silk Embroidery Thread). You are so good at setting up the colors, it's like breaking a code, suddenly you can see the colors to their own advantage, as they should be seen! I truly appreciate this. The parcel arrived today! WOW! the colors look extra yummy - no. 28 and 59 are both unbelievably fantastic!! The quality of the silk makes them look unique, like precious minerals! I've decided what to photograph for your customer page! It isn't quite finished yet, so I need to stop writing and get on with it! I also love the scissors, and the needle-safe, which is very neat! The thread zapper is really great - we don't have anything like that in Denmark! Looking forward to returning to your site. - JM/Denmark (Bookmark done with Kanagawa Silk Embroidery Thread)

September 14, 2007 - About a special order for earrings and neckpiece - I received your package yesterday and the neckpiece and earrings are beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to find the right stones. You do lovely work. My mother did macrame. Nothing to your quality but she did some nice pieces. She would have really enjoyed seeing your work. I look forward to seeing you again. Peggy/California
September 9, 2007 - Hi Marion, I was SO thrilled to get my order so incredibly fast and so professionally packaged. I'm very impressed! Thank you. Kudos to you on a beautiful website business. Sincerely, Jackie/Vermont
August 7, 2007 - Thank you for your quick shipping of the products that I ordered. I was very pleased with the whole transaction and the quality of the cords. It will be a pleasure to do business with you again. Best regards, - Michele/Minnesota
July 9, 2007 - Dear Marion, I never got around to thank you for my last order. Everything arrived OK, although the first envelope arrived 2 weeks after you sent it, the 2 next envelopes around 2 weeks after that. They seem to have at lot of work in customs!.
I did finish the kits you sent me earlier, long ago. The Cabochon Brooch Kit did take some time, as I kept changing my mind about the colors to use. I made the flowerlets with a stitch used in bobbin lace, a kind of weaving stitch, I just love the texture of that stitch. The Kumuhimo Braid Kit took me a couple of try's to get absolutely perfect. The finished piece is much admired!
I hope you will make more kits, especially for those of us who unfortunately can't attend your workshops.
Thank you once again for the great amount of time and effort you put into those wonderful co lour charts, and the great care and attention you give to your costumers!
Kind regards, - MB/Denmark
May 29, 2007 - Cord was received, and is perfect!!  Thank you very much!! - M/Illinois

May 14, 2007 - Hello Marion! I picked up my package today, and I love everything, especially the bee's wax!
Thank you for all of your time, work and effort, Best Regards, - GV/Caribbean Islands

May 14, 2007 - Marion-- Earrings arrived today.  They are lovely ... thanks so much!  - KL/Lafayette, CA
April 25, 2007 - Dear Marion, The kit arrived today.  Thank you for rushing it to me.  You kit presentation is absolutely amazing!  And the colors are perfect.  Thanks for your prompt service.  And please keep me advised if you offer any other kits other than those you presently have on your website. - M. S./Illinois
March 28, 2007 - Hi Marion, Nice to see a newsletter from you!  I love the colors and texture of the Mastex I received from you this week!  Thanks also for the samples.  I can feel that the '05 stock of Slate is silky like you said :)  I will be ordering some more colors soon.  I mentioned the frustration of the C~Lon cord curling up in my last e~mail to you and I am thrilled to read about this new remedy!  Can't wait to try it out since it often hinders me from using C~Lon.. especially if I get lazy about steam ironing it hehe.  Like yourself I am wondering why I didn't think of it too.  I have also been using sharp scissors to remedy the problem but I find that it removes the 'coating'. - FG/Arizona
March 8, 2007 - The kit turned out beautiful!!! Many compliments and requests to 'teach' them how to do it. Gave them your website. Thank you! One of things I really appreciated was how clear your instructions are. I was surprised that I could finish it in only 2 evenings (I work full time) and it took that long only because I had to wait for the glue to dry. Thanks again, Marion, and I'm anxiously waiting for my next package...and your next book (I've already bought the other 2). - KBH/Florida
February 22, 2007 - I have been searching for binding thread for my shakuhachi flutes for many years. I was very happy to have found Marion. Her selection of high quality threads out weights everything I've ever come across.
On top of that, her speedy shipping and general great vibe makes her a extreme pleasure to work with. I've found my source. - Perry Yung - Yung Flutes


I am amazed by the diversity of work that is being done with the thread I carry and look forward to adding a Perry Yung's sakuhashi to my husband flute collections!
- Marion

Perry Young Sakuhashi

February 15, 2007 - Your work is so beautiful!  I have been making beaded micro macrame jewelry for about 10 years.  (I only found out this past year it was called micro macrame - I was just doing what I liked and experimenting).  I was using Omega Brand Nylon crochet thread #2 for years.  It has some challenges, and some advantages.  Then I discovered C-Lon, and bought my first C-Lon nylon cord from you.  I loved it so much, I just ordered some more from you.  It gives more body to the finished piece, and is easier to work with.  (For some of my designs, flexibility is desirable so I will continue to use the Omega for that).  Thank you for your customer service.  I wanted to show you a couple of the bracelets I recently made with the C-Lon. - Donna L (Blog: Knotgypsy's Journey of Creation)

customer pict

January 18, 2007 - About samples sent - Thank you Marion! The samples arrived last week. The fibers are wonderful but way too fine for my current projects. If I ever try knotted jewelry, these are definitely perfect. My favorite is the Mastex for "feel" and I'm curious about the fiber content and whether or not it is available in heavier weights. It's so hard to tell if a fiber is right for one's purposes without seeing the "real" thing, so I very much appreciate your sending the samples and will be keeping them for future reference as I particularly like fine work. - Lois/AZ

January 16, 2007 - J'habite en Belgique, chaque fois que je commande  chez Marion, je suis satisfaite, le colis arrive chez moi 8 jours ouvrables après ma commande, ce qui est rapide pour la Belgique, je reçois tout ce que j'ai commandé et en bon état, donc bien emballé je ne suis jamais déçue en plus, le service est impeccable et cordial.
Merci -EDB/Belgium

Translation - I live in Belgium, every time I order from Marion, I am satisfied, the package arrives at my door within 8 business days after placing the order, I receive all my order in good condition, well packed, I have never been disappointed and on top the service is impeccable and friendly.

customer pictcustomer pict
January 3, 2007 - Dear Marion, I love it when I find a business that really puts the service into Customer Service! Thank you so much for your prompt attention, I look forward to receiving my parcel and doing business with you again. - Leslie

December 30, 2006 - About Mastex being back... Oh thank God Marion. Mastex is so much easier to use than the Beadsmith. - Jeanne W

To see more of Jeanne's work: picturetrail.com/photos/grannyx

customer pict
December 22, 2006 - Marion, The earrings arrived Wednesday and are perfect. Thank you so much. - Sue
December 9, 2006 - Hello Marion, Just a note to let you know that we received the order. Thank you. The
pieces are lovely and I have received many compliments. Hope your holiday season is joyful! - Del

November 27, 2006 - Marion, just wanted to say THANK YOU. I was so happy to see my cord tonight when I got home! That was really fast service – thanks. This will be the first time I'm using this heavier cord, and it's nice that it comes in so many colors. If it works for me I'll be back for more! :-)
M. W.

November 8, 2006 - Marion , I do hope you get this. - Juanita/New Mexico

customer pict

October 18, 2006 - Dear Marion, Just to let you know I received the silk threads today (Wednesday 18th). The colors are wonderful and I look forward to ordering (from you) more colors in the near future. By the way, the little draw string pouches add a very nice touch, thanks.
Also thanks so much for the print out of the color chart and providing an excellent service.
Best Regards, - Ann

October 13, 2006 - Hello again Marion, I received my silk thread order today and I wanted to thank-you so much for the terrific service and the absolutely beautiful silk thread.  They are better than I imagined and I can't wait to order more.  Thanks again for the prompt service and the fantastic product!
And thank-you for carrying Japanese silk....I have been looking forever (it seems) for this silk!
Best Wishes, - Bonnie
September 29, 2006 - Dear marion, Thank you so much for your quick response - I have already received your mail that you have already sent my order - you are a star! Thanks also for the colours! Looking forward to returning to your site. No one does such a good job of presenting this wonderful silk and the colours available! I truly appreciate this. With warmest regards, - Jennifer/Denmark
September 1, 2006 - Dear Marion, I cannot believe how fast my order arrived. I was delighted when I checked the mailbox before heading into work this afternoon and there it was! The only problem was that I still had to go to work... and I could not stay home and play with my new cord! Thank you so much for the exceptional customer service. It has been more than a pleasure to do business with you.
Blessings, - Linda
August 24, 2006 - Hi Marion, Thank you so much for your fast service! I got my C-Lon cord today, and the
range of colors is amazing. I really appreciate the way you packaged it to make color-identification easy. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and students. Thanks again! - Sheila
August 21, 2006 - Marion, Once again, thank you for your wonderful service.....Can't wait to see my new colors!! -Doreen
August 16, 2006 - Hi Marion, ... The (Kanagawa) silk is just awesome. I am excited about working with it. I also wanted to mention that your website is just beautiful. It is really easy to navigate and very clear. I enjoy shopping there. Thank you very much, - Kim :)
June 29, 2006 - Hi Marion, I got the package & I love my new jewelry! Thanks so much. Best, - Devon/California
June 2, 2006 - Marion, I received the package yesterday....I didn't get very much sleep last night because I was having so much fun with the C-Lon!!  Thank you for the WONDERFUL service...I am a customer for life.... DW/Wyoming
January 20, 2006 - Hi Marion: I just received my kit. I want to compliment you on your presentation. The nice little bag, and the booklet. I'm impressed. I'm going to look forward to looking through it. - Martha/Texas (online store first customer)

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