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  Jan 31, 2010 - Dear Marion, ...you have a special personal touch we seldom see in the days of computerized life. I felt, when ordering from you, that there was a person at the other end of the computer who was going to make sure I had just what I ordered. I got some Nylon #18. I wanted to show you what I have done with your fiber. You can also see my work with your fiber at www.jacksonartwear.etsy.com . I will try to attach a belt that I made. JacksonArtWear/CA-MO
Jan 22, 2010 - Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I just got my order I placed two days ago and am so thrilled with the fast deliver and great service. I just love the rich colors of the C-Lon thread and I now can get started with my projects. I told a couple of my friends about your site. Hope they order from you. Cheers! Jill/OH
January 13, 2010 -Hi Marion, I just placed an order and have ordered from you before. I wanted to mention how much I enjoy your newsletters. They are very genuine, as if you were having a conversation about new developments in your business with a friend. Your infomation is always interesting and informative and I look forward to receiving them. Keep up the good work! Valerie/CA
January 6, 2010 - hello! i was SO pleased to find your site in my quest for c-lon D thread, due to the virtual encyclopedia of thread information. i especially love the personal notes, an in-store blog....sweet! thanks, vicki/CA #;)
December 15, 2009 - I love my threads (C-Lon and Tuff Bead Cord). This is my first time doing Microme'. I see that people don't like C-Lon because of the curling. Within 2 minutes, I had a good solution. Take it between your first finger and your thumbnail, and run it through like you are curling ribbon. It pulls it straight right away. Thanks! SLT/FL
November 12, 2009 - Dear Marion, I love working with this material (C-Lon Bead Cord). Thank you, Marie B/CA

Me too, I love all the colors. What do you make with it? - Marion

I make jewelry with hand made polymer clay focal elements and inro combined with glass beads. I've been working with .05mm waxed cotton and bonded twine for a while now however this nylon cord is a much better material for the jewelry. I have a web site www.mmbrock.us and I'm adding new work all the time.
Thanks for asking!
Marie B/CA

October 28, 2009 - Marion, My order came today, I can't wait to get home and get started! Thank you so much for sending the color guide and the samples of the different sizes, that will be extremely helpful. I have to say that I love your work, everything I've seen on your website is just beautiful. I wish I lived close enough to come to the workshops. Thank you, Kim/WI

September 25, 2009 - Hi Marion, I love your site. I just ordered one of your rings and several spools of c-lon cording. So happy these fit through Swarovski bicones! I'm delving into Kumihimo and need to know how to determine what size caps I need for the ends. I love the ones on your site, but don't know which ones to buy. How do I determine the size I need? Thanks for your input. Pat/NC
P.S. You're very talented. I love all of your designs. I also do micro macrame. It's very rewarding.

Hi Patricia, I found the best way it to make the braids that fit into the clasps you want to use, rather than the other way around. I used to fabricate all my clasps out of sterling silver tube and wire, but I like the convenience of commercial clasps as long as they do not have any nickel in the alloy as I am very sensitive to nickel. I still make my own clasps just for some pieces, but not all of them. I hope you will like the ring! - Marion

Jeanne Wertman Bead Embroidery and micro Macrame Neckpieces September 20, 2009 - Hi again Marion;
I was reading the comments from some of your customers and I have a hint that might help with the curl in c-lon. I have a steamer (the kind used in dress shops) I find that after cutting my lengths of cord I can steam them, and the curl comes right out making it much easier to use. I also have been combining my micro macrame with bead embroidery...Here is one of the results... thank's for looking....

I do the embroidery on a Pellon that is made for stiffening brims of hats, and then it is backed with ultrasuede. The focal on this piece was a Laura Mears porcelain. Another note...I met Sherry Serafini and saw the beautiful collars she made...She challenged me to combine my macrame with embroidery...I did, and this was my first piece. I was 81 this year, so don't let anyone tell you it is too late to learn something new. Here's another one I made.... I used the heavier cord (C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord) on the one with the Otter..this isn't a very good picture, but I thought you would like to see it..........Jeanne Wertman/Ohio >> See more of Jeanne's artwork Thank you! -Marion

September 19, 2009 - Hi Marion: Here are some photos of a crochet piece I have just finished using D & E Nyon #18 in Chinese Rust with vintage buttons worked into the pattern. It can be worn as a bracelet or a short neckpiece. I used a a steel 1.90mm crochet hook. It can be worn as either a choker or a chunky bracelet. I have some other ideas for the C-Lom Micro Cord. I think the very fine one in green will look great with a pattern that includes small matte beads. I'll send you pictures when I've finished it. Hooked! - Charlotte/CA
Bead Crochet Bead Crochet

August 14, 2009 - I appreciate your email with news of new books, products, etc.: OH, oh. . . I'm in "trouble" - new C-Lon colors being developed??!! It reminds me of something I read, in a magazine awhile ago: A lady was asked what her most expensive bead cost, and she replied "The first bead I bought was the most expensive one!" - Ruth/MA

July 16, 2009 - Fantastic service and products, as always, Marion! It's especially fun finding new colors that compliment my beads. - Mary @ www.gemsandknots.com
About the new Fujix Tire Silks - Marion! The silk threads are just delicious, the greys and reds so subtle. I can't
wait to work with these. Thank you for adding them to your webstore. I hope to catch up with you soon at a street fair, to see your latest creations. All best, DiAnn/CA
Micro Knotted Neckpiece

June 2009 - Hi Marion, ... I hope all is well with You ... I receive Your newsletter monthly and have purchased thread from You ... Enclosed are winning pictures of My work ... I won first place in " Jewelry " at this years " Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit " in N.Y.C. ... I've been creating wearable art jewelry since 1973 ... Paid My way through college on Macrame Bracelets !!! [ I have 2 degree's ] ... thought You might enjoy the pictures as I enjoy Your newsletters ... ... Keep Knotting, Warmest Regards, Rozelisa/NY

Congratulations! I love good news. It is so nice to hear good news and share it with others. Thanks for sharing... Click on picure for a close up of Rozelisa neckpiece. - Marion

June 4, 2009- Hi Marion~ Just a note to Thank You for shipping the wonderful 'Cognac Mastex' so promptly! I am pleased to have this marvelous color again. I believe that I may have asked you about it once. Take care~ Shayna/CA

Occasionally I receive samples and/or requests. Shayna had sent me a sample of the 'Mastex Cognac', a very unusual color. I loved the color immediately but it was not available anywhere. I was so pleased when I was contacted by a company who had some in their warehouse! - Marion

May 29, 2009 - Marion, I would like to thank you for all of your expertise and assistance with your beautiful fibers! I use the c-lon cording for my hand knit jewlery and love the amazing amount of colors available. Because of your help I will also be trying our some other nylon cording and I am very excited as I am constantly trying to add new designs and pieces to our knitted jewlery line.

Here are 2 small pictures of a cuff bracelet- on front and one of the inside which I know only us fiber art interested people might enjoy. This cording is wonderful with itty bitty knitting needles.....and it doesnt stretch. After putting tons of time into making the cuff bracelets - I cant tell you how many were ruined due to stretching and using the wrong kind of fiber:(

You can visit us at www.lapisbeach.com
Thank you again for your amazing customer service that goes above and beyond! - Lauren/MD

May 15, 2009 - Thanks Marion, The presentation is beautiful and you packed everything so well. That thread is the best one I've tried so far, the awl is great and the the fray block much better than nail polish! Thank you! That was a quick ship! Jean/VI
May 11, 2009 - Marion, I just wanted to thank you for your speedy service and shipment and the colors are exactly what I expected from the color charts. I am so happy to have found your web site. I have been looking for the Conso or Mastex, nylon #18 in all the wrong places over the years. I will be passing along your site info to many people. Over 25 years ago, when I first went to a church girls camp, I learned to make girls camp friendship bracelets. We do what I assume is called the micro macrame. (?don't know how to spell it) We would make these special bracelets year after year. We would tie them on our wrists nice and snug, because they will stretch a tiny bit, then we'd burn the knot, and it stayed there until the next year's camp when we would cut it off and burn it in the fire, then make a new one. Sometimes we wouldn't cut our bracelets off and would have 2 or 3 on. They lasted forever. Now, as an adult, I have continued this tradition in the many different cities that I have lived in, as I have been a girls camp director. The tradition continues and I have had many women and girls who are now camp directors in many different states call me and ask me where to find the nylon #18. Up until now, I have had to give them some of my stash (happily of course, but I am running way low). So I am very happy that I can now tell them where to purchase it, and they will all be so happy with the color selection! Thanks again! Megan/UT

March 24, 2009 - Hello Marion, Thanks for the 2 spools sent as an exchange - the colours are lovely- I appreciate your excellent customer service. Your future customer again, Katy/AK

Occasionally the wrong item or color are ordered. Then an exchange or return is organized. I try to make the process as easy as possible. - Marion

March 4, 2009 -The threads arrived today and are soo beautiful. They've totally made my day! Thanks for the great service! Wendy/NC
March 3, 2009 - Dear Marion, I always enjoy getting your newsletter and just wanted to thank you for "being there!" I appreciate your personal emails and I really appreciate that you have taken the time to conduct business in such a personal way. It is refreshing to find a "kindred spirit" who loves color, texture, beauty and fine craftsmanship. It is inspiring to find such a spirit in the business world. You have managed to strike a balance between the world of the artist and the world of the worker with grace and deftness. I love the new C-Lon colors and will place an order soon. But I wanted to send you this thank you first because I realized that, if your web site did not exist, my life would not have been enriched as it has -- not only by your selection of cords but by your joy in what you do and your sharing of that joy with others. I wish you continued success. Like you, I am realizing a dream of many colors with C-Lon. I wish them continued success as well. May we all navigate this troublesome financial time with grace and finess and a sense of humor. Sincerely, Jill/Graphic Artist and Jeweler/California
January 28, 2009 - I just 'discovered' C-Lon Bead Cord (after exchanging the last shipment for C-Lon micro cord!). My bead group this month posed a challenge: we had to use a minimum of 5 swarovski briolettes in a design-the winning design will be taught as a class at the bead store hosting the group. The only other criteria was to use materials readily available and sold in the store. Going in, I had no idea what I was going to do, but I wanted something simple. So after selecting my briolettes and some coordinating Miyuki triangle beads, I noticed the C-Lon cord...long story short...I made a choker using a combination of half-double crochet and macrame for the chain. I'm sending pix of my submission...not great photography...but you can get an idea of what a little C-Lon and a lot of inspiration can create:o) - Tammy/Fl innermusejewelry.etsy.com



  January 12, 2009 - Hi Marion, I used 2mm Clear Swarovski 2mm crystals and made a bead crochet bracelet using C-Lon microcord in White (upper right), the Amethyst Swarovski rounds with the C-Lon microcord in Amethyst (lower right). I love the colors of the microcord as they coordinate nicely with the Swarovski line. I plan to buy more microcord colors as I collect more 2mm Swarovskis! Tammy/FL
January 9, 2009 - Sekere.com (picture on left) says: I have been searching for this cord for years. It is as strong as I need, it does not stretch and it comes in just the sizes and all the colors I need. I am very particular about the materials that go into making my shekeres (African beaded gourd hand drums). Because they are instruments, they must respond to the musician in a special way. The C-Lon Bead Cord plays a big part in that process. It's been a struggle all these years, but with Marion the struggle is over. Until my next order... Sara/PA

Dec 29, 2008 - I hope someone comes out with thread like mastex that I don't have to deal with the curlies of c-lon- the best way I've found is to wet it and let dry with soup cans holding down the ends on my floor- have you had any better ideas come up? Maybe Clon will make larger spools or something- thanks, Marion, you make it easy to buy supplies! Happy New Year! Patty

Hi Patty, As to C-Lon curls, I prefer to pull on each arm length as I unroll it it exercises my arms and removes the extra stretch and curls. It is the easiest method and insures that beads are held snugly as well. - Marion

I tried to just stretch the thread with my arms, but it's still too curly for me - my pieces are smaller, thread shorter, so they still hold the curl. wetting it is still the only thing I can do I guess.... my average thread length is only about 3 feet, doubled over so only 1 1/2 feet on the board. I love all the colors of c-lon, but I still find myself using the mastex first. Less exciting colors of thread, but I use the thread as more a backdrop than the focus of my work- the beads themselves are more the focus than the knots- I have a little shop on etsy- your name is getting around on etsy forums, too - www.glassdancer.etsy.com
have a great day! Patty

December 5, 2008 - Thank you, Marion. I love your site, your work, and the products you sell. I've been delighted with the C-Lon Micro and can't get it at my local bead shop. Best, Mary Laur

www.marylaurjewelry.com/ (detail of neckpiece shown on right)

link to Mary Laur Jewelry

Oct 30, 2008 - Hi Marion, Thank you so much, I appreciate the fast shipping and I will be returning to your website. I am doing a huge order for a hospital fund raiser and I use the C lon for tying my tags on the jewelry. By the way, you can check out my jewelry at www.pacificjewelrydesigns.com and I will see you again. Sincerely, Paula

Sep 29, 2008 - Marion: I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your site and your products. I've been ordering your #18 nylon cord almost on a weekly basis as I've recently turned into a mico-macrame addict. Thanks so much for your service and for your prompt delivery. Regards,Darlene from NJ

September 23, 2008 - Thanks Marion, and I will try out the C lon cording. Hope it crochets as well as the Mastex. I'm going to miss that! I really appreciate your website and what great customer service you have. Thanks for being so speedy!
Take care, LD/ New Mexico

September 12, 2008 - Regarding the Kumihomo Kit with the EZ-Bobs - I got my order and tried it out. It is great and the bobbins are the bomb! I tried it with and without and they made such a difference. Thanks, VV from North Carolina

August 20, 2008 - I wanted to let you know I received my package today. I was very impressed and thrilled by the speed of notifications, service, and delivery. Thank you! NW/Illinois

You are very welcome, please note that I do not always ship on Saturday and we can thank the Post for its speedy service too. - Marion

July 29, 2008 - I am absolutely delighted that the 9 spools of Mastex I ordered arrived so quickly - and I may have received your last spool of black! I have been looking for t his thread for bead crochet for some time. I was also glad to se the number of colors that C-Lon has - and may consider it if the Mastex is no longer available. Thanks for such speedy service - I placed the order on Saturday, and received it on Monday! - Jackie from Illinois

You are very welcome, please note that I do not always ship on Saturday and we can thank the Post for its speedy service too. - Marion

link to teri's blog

July 24, 2008 - Just wanted to let you know that the thread arrived. I appreciate the prompt service. I meant to thank you sooner for the samples of 400 Tex thread. I LOVE that C-Lon Micro for tatted jewelry! Plus, you get a lot of thread for the buck and I'm always looking for the best deal.

A lot of my turtles were tatted with Dual Duty Plus Carpet and Button but the colors are limited. The two colors that I loved the most they discontinued! C-Lon is perfect for tatted jewelry and the colors are luscious. I'll probably use C-Lon exclusively now. Teri



April 26, 2008 - Hi Marion, It turns out that my mallet wrapping works best with the Tuff Cord. The music store that sells my mallets commercially really likes how they turned out! Thanks for all your help. I will be sending you a picture soon so you can see what they look like. My mallet company, Mallet Masters started as a re-wrapping business (making old mallets as good as new!), and my website still reflects that aspect of the business. It can be found at malletmasters.home.att.net During Memorial Day weekend my webmaster will be updating the site to include my mallet manufacturing as well. My entire manufactured mallet line (5 types of yarn mallets, 4 types of cord mallets, 3 types of felt timpani mallets, and 5 types of unwrapped mallets) is sold exclusively in the Northern KY/Southern IN region at Conrad Music Service ( www.conradmusicservice.com ), and directly from me for other regions. Thanks again for your assistance in everything! SV/Mallet Masters

Occasionally I get request for thread, order for single spools are sent, additional samples are sent and finally the right thread is found. For some it is a question of finding the right color, for others the quality of the thread is the main concern. Master Mallets for examples tried all the brands until they found the right ones for them! - Marion

Mallets  wrapped with Tuff Bead Cord
March 24, 2008 - Dear Marion, I got yesterday afternoon the package (C-Lon Bead Cord) and I found the shipping amazingly quick! I was so much expecting these threads. It's been months that I am planning to buy cords for micro macrame and now within one week from buying it online - I already got them!
When I opened the package, It was such a joy to see these wonderful colors. I must say I am very happy with this transaction. All along. Your site is beautiful and very comfort to use. I liked the way it's presented. I also appreciate the way everything is done easily, clearly and nicely ( a. e. the colorful printed chart with the threads samples of the new CLC colors). Well done and I hope to come back again, from JK/Israel
February 19 , 2008 - Hi Marion, I use the C-Lon Bead Cord and just love it, but I don't know if anyone else has had this problem with the white color. I noticed after a while the cord seems to have a yellowish cast to it. I ordered a new one and it's white but the older one I have is not as white anymore. Do you know what could be the problem? Thanks SG/Minnesota

My response: I just checked all the whites under OTT light as it is very overcast today. All the C-Lon White currently in stock have a slight yellow cast. My oldest C-Lon spool in my personal stock(1-2 years as I do not use a lot of white)is not yellower than the brand new ones for sale. Of all the thread for sale, from the whitest on: Conso is the whitest with no yellow cast at all, then Mastex with a light yellow cast, then a tie between Tuff Size 5 and C-Lon with a slight yellow cast. All this is not written into stone as dye lots change! - Marion

February 12, 2008 - Thanks for the great service.. and products!!!! I added a picture of a bracelet I made with a color I ordered earlier!!!
I also use it for making oboe-reeds!!! It would be great for bassoon-players
as well. bye!! Marion J/Netherlands

oboe reed wrapped with C-lon Bead Cord

Finger woven with C-Lon Bead Cord

January 22, 2008 - Bonjour Marion, I LOVE the C-Lon Cord! Just wanted to show you the result. From Paris, SV
Beading and finger weaving done with C-Lon Bead Cord

Figer woven with C-lon Bead Cord

Figer woven with C-Lon Bead Cord

January 22, 2008 - Hi Marion! Thank you so much. My order of C-Lon Bead Thread Size D arrived today and I am so pleased, as always! Have a lovely day. Kindest regards - PD/United Kingdom (See picture of 36 thread bobbins in plastic bobbin boxes, her 3 or 4th International order of supplies)

December 2, 2007 - Dear Marion, Thank you so much for mailing me the beautiful necklace. I received it yesterday and it is perfect (as usual!) Exactly as I wanted it. It's a perfect addition to my "Marion" collection. Happy Holidays - Sandi/Los Angeles
November 16, 2007 - Hi Marion - It was such a pleasure talking with you yesterday! Thank you so much - I'm having a ball tatting with the nylon thread C-Lon Bead Cord!!!! - Karen/Pennsylvania

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