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December 2008 - Have a wonderful holiday season, a peaceful, creative and prosperous 2009! Thank you for visiting my site!

I have been working on my artist website, in between orders, shows on weekends and special orders. A complete remodel and a new gallery online store are in progress, with new items added as I get a chance to photograph them and design their pages. I had forgotten how long it takes to create a custom website, not the pre-fabricated ones with no product information unfortunately so prevalent on the web. The website architecture and bones are in place with some categories already well represented, but lots of work still remains to be done as I will be adding items from my extensive collection. So please visit the gallery often!

Just added - Chinese Knotting Cord - Braided Nylon Cord available in three sizes for ornamental Chinese or Japanese knotting, micro macrame or bead stringing. More >>

Not sure what to get for someone on you list for the holidays? Supplies are always welcome, so get a Paypal gift certificate for this online store. Recipient must have a Paypal account to redeem. Available on variable amounts. See Paypal conditions on gift certificate.


November 17, 2008 - Mastex is going out of business - see September 19 entry. I bought some of their bonded nylon #69 in bobbin size. 15 colors are available in single bobbins, groups of 6 or 12 as well as in a collection of 30 spools nested in a plastic box. It is perfect for projects not requiring a lot of thread such as bead stringing beads with small holes. Each spools has 32 yards (29 m.). The spool size is good for bead crochet. The diameter of this thread is a bit heavier than the C-Lon Micro Bead Cord Tex 70. For more info >>

Read about a presentation by Rodrick Owen, a leading expert on kumihimo and Peruvian braiding. See the October 20 entry in my blog. ~ Marion Blog >>

Mastex bonded nylon #69

October 14, 2008 - The new colors are in. They are beautiful in person, hard to do justice in jpegs...

NEW ARRIVAL - 8 NEW colors of C-Lon Tex 400
Shanghai Red C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord Grape C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord Navy C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord Teal C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord Peridot C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord Sable C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord Chocolate C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord Silver C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord
Shanghai Red

Also just added - New tool for beaded fringe and tassels - Helping Hand with Magnifier or Double Third Hand with a Magnifier

September 19, 2008 - Mastex will no longer produce their Nylon #18 thread. I will miss their thread for its softness particularly for making cords. Supplies are limited with already many colors out of stock.

On a more positive note: C-Lon will be adding 8 new colors to the Tex 400 line in mid-October: sable, chocolate, silver, shanghai red, grape, peridot, teal, navy.

jewelry cords August 11, 2008 - New Handmade Finished Jewelry Cords - Twisted Three-Ply Cable Type Cord

Beautiful finished jewelry cords are hard to find. Many years ago I started making my own. Over the last several years, customers at shows have been ordering cords as alternative or replacement cords. Some like them so much, they wear them just by themselves. This section will feature my handmade cords. I am starting with one type of cord, a twisted 3-ply cable type cord in three colors, three diameters and three sizes. I plan to add more styles, especially a braided kumihimo style cord and more colors over time. ~ Marion

Also newly added - Reamers, new scissors, bead awls...>>Go to Tools

June 30, 2008 - 16 NEW C-Lon Micro Cord Colors are here. Order the 16 new colors now. To order individual colors and for more info >

C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon
C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon
C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon
Lt Orchid
Caribbean Blue
Lt Copper
Shanghai Red
C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon
C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon
C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon
Sea Shell
Lt Blue
Forest Green

June 12, 2008 - One of my customer with experience writing manuals offered to test all my kits. Since then during our spare time, a sparse commodity for creative minds, we have been busy editing, or writing and re-writing all the manuals for my workshops and kits. ~ Marion

New Kit - Kumihimo Medallion with Nine Beads
This kit comes with a 14 page manual with illustrations, color photos and step by step instructions. It includes all the material for the project: donuts, beads, nylon and sterling or gold filled clasp. The techniques covered are: Four Strand Kumihimo Braid, Maru Dai-Free and Disk-Free. Bead Edging around the Donut. Square Knot Loop. Finishing. More>>

Mastex - New Golden Tan
On the short spool with a slightly different shade than the tall version produced up to 2005.
Mastex is now completely out of the tall spools on the black plastic cone in all colors. Very limited supply of the tall spools is still available now, but get them while you can. More>>

Kumihimo and Micro Macrame Jewelry Kit

C-Lon Tex 400 Beading Cord May 10, 2008 - New Thread from C-LON - C-LON® TEX 400 BEAD CORD

The new heavyweight Tex 400 C-Lon® Bead Cord is the latest addition to the C-Lon family. As its siblings, the C-Lon Bead Cord and the C-Lon Micro Cord, it is a bonded 3 ply twisted multi-filament thread with diameter of 0.9mm. A 75 lb breaking strength should guarantee long-lasting creations for micro macrame, stringing beads and other techniques such as bead crochet, finger weaving, kumihimo, tatting as well as many other uses where a strong bonded nylon is required. It fits through most 4mm gemstone beads, Miyuki 8/0s once with a self needle and passes easily twice through Miyuki 6/0s. Made in the USA. 16 colors available to start.

Personal Note - Many times I have wished for a cord heavier than the Nylon #18 and C-Lon Bead Cord. Until now I often made my own cords, an extra step, when needing a thicker cord. The C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord will provide us the designers with new design possibilities. It knots very well between beads when stringing and for micro macrame. The thread is gorgeous by itself, it has a beautiful sheen and the 16 colors are a great start!

Mallets  wrapped with Tuff Bead Cord

More about the new thread from C-Lon - I usually think about thread in the context of making jewelry with it, and I can already think of many ways of using this heavier thread. I want to thank C-Lon for adding new colors and now a new weight of thread to its thread line. It is such a pleasure to play, design and work with such a fabulous range of colors and now 3 thread weights all color coordinated. I can't wait to play with the new thread...

I am also always intrigued by the wide range of work done with the thread and cords I carry. I just posted new pictures and comments, among them several showing musical instruments and finger woven treasure bracelets. ~ Marion

Mallets from Mallet Masters
Read more in customer's comments
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and allow popups
April 20, 2008 - New additions- Tools especially for kumihimo, tweezers, pliers, new scissors... Satin cord by the yards...
April 10, 2008 - New Blog - marion jewels in fiber has an official blog!!! Check it out, it is just in its infancy... as I just set it up two days ago. So we will see how it evolves... I posted pictures, comments, landscapes/cityscapes mostly in a slide format from my trip to New England. Here is the URL: http://jewelsinfiber.blogspot.com/

A new posting on the blog talks about the red coral piece shown here, a commission, and about the collaborative process a commissioned piece represents. Photo by George Post © 2008.

A Feedjit map has also been added to the website. See it below in the left column. It shows a world map and tracks the latest visitors on a map by red dots and if you click on the map, it will take you to larger map with the towns where the visitors are from and the pages they visited. It adds a cookie to your visit to my site, but the site will function even if you refuse the cookies from Feedjit. The info they collect is general enough as to not be intrusive to your privacy. I find it fun as it illustrates the global reach of the internet. I will post on the blog regarding this map. Please post your comments there! If I get a lot of negative comments I will remove the map. ~ Marion

Special Congratulations Notes - To Jeanne W for being published in Bead & Button Magazine, a full page no less from what I hear. I have yet to see it as I do not subscribe to the magazine... See her work and link in the customers' comments page December 30, 2006 entry. Additional note: Jeanne just sent me the picture its beautiful!

And to Donna Littlewood on her upcoming 'Spiral Anklets' project to be published in ' Step by Step Beads' July/August by Interweave made with C-Lon Nylon Bead Cord. See one of her piece and comment on February 15, 2007.

Read more in blogog
April 2, 2008 - Back in California... More to come on my trip as soon as I get a chance... In the meantime all the orders placed while I was away have been shipped. I now need to get caught up with custom orders for jewelry! ~ Marion

C-Lon News - Mint is the newest color of C-Lon Bead Cord. It replaces Mint Julep. It is right in between Peridot and Sage, a really nice soft color.

If you like Mint Julep, order it now while it is still available as it has been discontinued.

'And more colors of C-Lon Micro Cord are coming in the not-too-distant future.' I am quoting C-Lon... More to come on this soon.

C-Lon Bead & Micro-Macrame Cord C-Lon Micro-Macrame  Bead Cord
collector color
Mint Julep
March 26 to March 31, 2008 - Marion Jewels in Fiber goes on the road to teach in the Boston Area at Bead Designer International. No processing of orders, answering of emails.. while away. Fast and friendly service to resume on April 1-2 ;-) ~ Marion
March 20 , 2008 - The 8 new C-Lon Micro Cord color are here ready to ship. To see the colors arranged by Jewel Tones/Earth Tones or to order the full collection of 16 colors go to more info >
THE NEW C-LON MICRO COLORS - Individual Colors $4.50 per bobbin/spool
C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon
C-Lon Micro Cord Macrame Beading Nylon

BOOK REVIEW - Marie Le Sueur "Micro-macramé de la dentelle aux bijoux"
(Micro-Macramé from Lace to Jewels) published by LTA 2007 Paris, French Text

I met Marie Le Sueur online in 2006 when she purchased supplies from my online store such spools of C-Lon Bead Cord, Kanagawa Silk, tools, adhesives, clasps and a kit. We have corresponded since then by email. At the time she was in the process of researching and writing a book on micro-macrame. I got to become familiar with her work through her website and one of her earlier book 'Bijoux en cristal, Dentelles de perles" (Jewels in Crystal, Beading Lace) published by LTA in 2004 and now with her new book on micro-macrame of course. Her work seen through her books and her website is quite distinctive. Her style is exquisite, full of opulence, reminiscent of a bygone era. Even some of her color choices somehow allude to a more romantic and sentimental past.

This book is worthwhile for anyone interested in micro macrame. It forms a seamless bridge from beading lace to micro-macrame, so it is of particular value for someone with beading lace experience interested in taking a foray into micro knotted jewelry.

Micro-macramé de la dentelle aux bijoux" is a 96 pages hardcover book, 10 inches x 10 inches. The book includes 9 micro-macramé projects. The step by step instructions are full of good clear color photos, making it possible to follow the directions without reading or understanding the French text.

Several of the projects combine several versions, one as a bracelet, another as a neckpiece for example, so altogether 8 bracelets and 6 neckpieces/necklaces/pendants are possible choices. Of course the projects can also be simply sources of inspiration for your own designs. The written text and instructions are clear and easy to follow even for beginners with some understanding of French. Most importantly even with no knowledge of French, the color photos of the step by step instructions are clear enough for anyone with some prior micro macrame experience.

The book has a chapter on material: the thread for micro-macrame (C-Lon, Mastex and Conso), the boards (Marie's preferred is the Lacis Board), the T-pins, Marie's recommendation of Fray Check, tools such as Tool Zap/some as thread burner and of course her choice of glass pearls, charms and findings. Some of her choices of findings are may be hard to find in the U.S but alternatives are available. There is a very well illustrated chapter on the common macrame knots, followed by a chapter about finishing. The chapter on finishing is a little light in my opinion, but finishing is a big issue for me as I sell my work, so my past mistakes come back to haunt me as pieces not finished perfectly are sent back to me for repair. Then it goes on to the actual projects. Each project gets a full page close-up color photo. The step by step instructions have between 16 to 145 color photos for each project respectively.

Marie Le Sueur's website - www.marilazuli.com

January 11 - New Additions

C-Lon Bead Thread Size D is a nylon monocord thread available in 36 colors. It was specifically designed for bead weaving on and off loom, bead stitching and embroidery with seed beads and English beading needles as a better alternative to Nymo thread (Nymo was originally created for the shoe industry). Unlike its siblings the C-Lon Bead Cord and C-Lon Micro Cord, this thread does not have any twist or plies, it is like a floss. It is UV resistant and vat-dyed, the color does not rub off. The vat-dyeing process involves high heat and pressure which forces the dye completely through the thread resulting in a permanent dye. It comes in two thickness, Size D and Size AA. Size D is suitable for use with Delicas, 11/0s, 10/0s, or larger beads. Size AA is thinner (so not as strong as D), and is best for 15/0s. Only Size D is stocked at this time.

C-lon Bead Thread Size D
Personal Note - I originally ordered this thread by mistake as it is primarily a stringing thread for seed beads and not intended for micro macrame knotting. However when looking for an alternative to silk for the knotting, I found it behaves like a silk floss, with the advantages of lower cost and better stain resistance. I would recommend its use for Cavandoli style knotting over C-Lon Bead Cord or Nylon #18. In the double half hitches it works well as the knotting cord only, not as the anchor cord. In the cabochon rings posted here, I used it doubled or tripled and may have done one or two rows of vertical double half hitches. - Try it out!
Rings made with C-lon Bead Thread
Tuff Bead Cord Tuff Bead Cord

Tuff Bead Cord

January 11, 2008 - New Addition
The Tuff Bead Cord Line is a new addition to the store. It comes in 16 colors in small plastic spools with a cover. Each spools has 1/4 oz of thread, so depending on the size you will get different yardage. Size 5 compares to Nylon #18/C-Lon Bead Cord and comes in spools of 33 yards each. More info >

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